DLS 3ch AMP 2x75W + 1x200W RMS 40th anniversary

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DLS CA-DD33-40

As part of the 40-year Anniversary celebration DLS now introduces a 12V cool running mini Tri channel power pack based on last year success, the Truck amplifier DD31T. The tiny amplifier with advanced audio class-D circuitry is topped with a bunch of useful DLS features, such as variable Low & Hi pass filters and Bass boost control. Additionally, it comes complete with a Sublevel remote control and Hi Level input with AutoStart for easy upgrade of OEM radios, and if you want to connect external sources such as a mobile phone there is our unique parallel Aux input jack.
With a footprint of only 215x103mm and 35mm height, it is possible to install in the armrest or under the dash while still producing 2×75 + 1×200-Watt RMS pure DLS sound in 4 Ohms.

The extreme high efficiency of over 85% keeps it cool and saves up on the current consumption and cabling while still producing an overwhelming output. In 2 Ohm applications (with 4x speakers and a 2 Ohm subwoofer) you will get an astonishing 2 x 95W + 1 x 300W power output that will fill your car interior with quality sound.


  • 3 Channels audiophile Class D
  • Power Output, 2×75 W + 1x200 W in 4 0hm, 2x95 W + 1 x 300 W in 2 0hm.
  • Signal to noise ratio, A-weighted: > 90 dB
  • Low-pass filter variable between 50 and 250 Hz.
  • High-pass filter variable between 40 and 400 Hz.
  • Bass boost 0-+12dB
  • Built-in protection circuits in the event of overloads.
  • High level input with AUTO-start function
  • Unique DLS Aux parallel 3,5mm input jack (Aux cable can be connected while listen to OEM radio)
  • Remote Sublevel control w 5m cable (included)
  • Overall dimensions 215x103x35mm