Ground Zero GZHW 20SPL GREEN

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Ground Zero GZHW 20SPL GREEN


Klippel optimization has been used in the design of Hydrogen SPL elements. In a 10-hour test, the behavior of the element is investigated with numerous measurement results, and the weak points and problems that require improvement are identified at an early design stage. The element is even talked about at a power of four times its power resistance. The end result is an element with a very smooth impedance response, i.e. it receives high power at all frequencies, has a good sensitivity and can withstand the power properly.



  • 8″ subwoofer
  • 2x1 ohm voice coils
  • 2.5″ copper voice coil 
  • Mounting diameter 187 mm
  • Mounting depth 145 mm
  • Aluminium cast basket
  • Klippel optimized triple magnets
  • Cone Reinforced paper
  • Power Handling 700 W RMS, 1500 W SPL Power
  • Sensitivity 80 dB
  • Xmax 40 mm 
  • Fs 38.3 Hz
  • Qts 0.381
  • Vas 4.77 L