Ground Zero GZPW 15Xmax

12 990 kr

Leveranstid: 3-6 Arbetsdagar i lager



Are You ready for Xmax?! New replacement for legendary GZPW 15XQ is finally here. Developing the new Xmax-series was extraordinary challenging, because predecessors have set standards so high. New High Roll surround is developed from world famous GZ SPL-surround and it keeps its form even in peak to peak use. There are many manufacturers that have similar looking surrounds, but usually those loose their control long before reaching their maximum suspension travel. With new GZ Xmax-woofers you do not have to worry about this. Very high excursion demands many changes to inner motor structure to control the airflow and provide sufficient cooling to voice coil. Usually it is impossible to play frequencies over 40 Hz with subwoofers that have 80-120 mm excursion because higher frequencies cause turbulence to motor making voice coil to overheat due to insufficient cooling. We are proud to say that Xmax-subwoofers are the only very high excursion subwoofers that keep their sound quality excellent from 10 to 70 Hz band and keep the voice coil cool without turbulence. Xmax-subwoofers are the first very high excursion subwoofers that are Klippel-optimized. All components are perfectly balanced. If you like to do hairtricks and flex-videos, look no further. Choose Xmax.


Produktmodell PLUTONIUM
Technical data -15″ subwoofer
- 2 x 1 ohm voicecoil
- 4″ voice coil diameter
- recommended ported enclosure 120-140 liters ( NET )
- recommended sealed enclosure 40 liters ( NET )
- power handling 6 000 W RMS
- effective x-max: 80 mm
- qts: 0,442
- Fs: 33,3 Hz
- Vas: 22,81 liters
- sensitivity: 85 dB
- mounting depth 313 mm
- cutout diameter 358 mm