SoundQubed QP-MR8 PAR

Reapris: 695 kr (Ord. pris: 890 kr)

Leveranstid: Slut i lager



The MR8 also features a shallow mounting depth at just over three inches. Beware that it may require a little custom fabrication work to fit in most conventional door panels to complete your install. It will work wonderfully in custom-built sealed enclosures and requires less than .25^ft per pair. Like the 6″ version, the 8″ is capable of pouring high flux into the 1.5″ magnet gap.

The QP-MR8 and QP-MR6.5 Pro Audio Mid Range Speakers open up new possibilities for car audio system design. Modern stereos and interiors make it difficult to add car speakers beyond the original equipment mounting locations molded into door panels, dashes, and pillars. Conventional component systems and coaxial speakers are not efficient enough to match the output of a heavy-hitting sub system.

Midrange speakers typically reproduce mid-bass tones in the 500Hz-4kHz range. This is arguably the most important frequency range, as it encompasses most musical instruments and vocal sounds. Since your ears are most sensitive to this mid-range, the drivers can play at lower power levels while still reproducing good, loud tones. Because of their limited range, stock mid-range speakers often sound dull, flat, and need the support of subwoofers and tweeters for a full-range sound.



  • Model    QP-MR8
  • Impedence    Single 4 Ω
  • Sensitivity 1W/1m    93
  • Magnet Weight    18 oz
  • Coil Diameter    1.5"
  • Useable Throw    16 mm
  • Continuous Power    100 W
  • Music Peak Power    200 W
  • Overall Diameter    8.25 inches
  • Mounting Depth    3.18 inches
  • Mounting Diameter    7.18 inches
  • Freq Response    80 Hz-8 kHz